Meet the artists who have donated some wonderful paintings towards the Commonwealth Businesswomen Awards 2018.

Josette Fenech

Josette is an established artist who became particularly known for her unique abstracts. Her Solo Exhibitions, ‘RIFLESSI’ in 2013 and ‘AGAINSTS ALL ODDS’ in 2015 made her appreciated both in Malta and abroad.

In April 2016 she took part in ‘INCONTRI’ exhibiting with three Italian artists in an Art Exhibition collaborating with RIDT (University of Malta Research Trust)’

In Montone – Provincia di Perugia, she exhibited in a collective ‘SOGNANDO CON LE IMMAGINI.’

In 2017 Josette represented Malta in a personal Exhibition entitled HORIZONS celebrating the opening of the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of Europe and in August 2017 she had another personal Exhibition in Gozo entitled Lwien il-Gżejjer.

Alexia Coppini

Alexia Coppini

Alexia Coppini is a Maltese artist with a love of the sea. Inspired in Malta from an early age, Alexia developed her style for an appreciative local clientele.

Through her art, Alexia lives in times of joy and serenity. It is another artistic statement in her continuous exploration of nature. The artist’s pictorial vocabulary is made of imaginative harmonies which are not difficult to forget. And yet her canvases have another function, which is to make us escape from our modern crises, and which ultimately reveal an aesthetic sensibility towards nature.

She has exhibited in various collective exhibitions and no less than 18 most successful solo shows. These exhibitions have aroused interest in her works and introduced her to an ever widening clientele.

Alexia has been entrusted with various important commissions in Malta, and apart from exporting numerous works has also travelled to Holland to carry out the execution of large murals.

She has recently personally presented two paintings, a seascape and an abstract, to the Board of the Royal Academy of Arts in London for inclusion in their regular Summer exhibition.

Currently, Alexia splits her time between Malta and her home in the Caribbean Island of St Maarten. From there she is garnering enthusiastic interest in her art from the Americas; she exhibits on bespoke cruise ships and her upcoming exhibition will be on the Island of St Barthelemy (St Barts) FWI in late 2018.

Alexia donates her art to charitable causes and is delighted to be given the opportunity to donate two of her paintings to the Commonwealth Business Women Awards, 2018.

René Rossignaud

René Rossignaud was born on December 4, 1980, in the beautiful island nation of Malta, which must have conditioned him to appreciate and want to capture the wonders of nature – and what better way to achieve this than through still photography. After studying and graduating as a Graphic Designer, with special emphasis on photography, arts, design and sculpture, he chose to specialize in photography, which he strongly considers, not only as an art, but as the most vivid means of visual expression.

Besides the hundreds of storm images that he has captured over the years, René has been busy using his talent both in Maltese and international events. He has accumulated the largest stock library of celebrity images on the Island, many of which have been published in countless magazines all over the world, the likes of which are Hello, OK Magazine, US Weekly, The Sun and many others. No celebrity personality visiting Malta, particularly film stars and singers, will leave the island without René having captured their shot, either on the film location itself or elsewhere.

In recent years, René has felt the urge to visit war zones and capture unique images of human suffering and the ravages of war-torn nations. He has been to Gaza during the Hamas rule, witnessing bombing by Israeli fighters and the effect on poor farmers and their families. He was also the first Maltese photographer to visit Libya during the spring uprising and was hailed by the freedom fighters for promoting their cause through his work. He was also present during the street demonstrations in Egypt before Mubarak was overthrown and particularly in Tahrir Square where he captured some memorable images, which were published in many countries. René also worked in Syria and Iraq in the following years, covering these war-torn countries where he was shot on, fracturing a rib as he was leaving Syria and crossing back into Jordan.

His innovative ways have been noted beyond the Maltese shores, making him a regular red-carpet photographer at the yearly MTV European Music Awards. René prides himself in the fact that he does not resort to any trick photography to bring out special effects in his pictures. Instead, he produces unique pictures, in whatever situation he is working, simply by bringing the best out of his equipment, in which he is continuously investing. René is also a big Nikon enthusiast and collector, shooting with Nikon since the young age of 15.

Christopher Saliba

Christopher Saliba (b. 1975)  graduated from the University of Malta in 1996  after completing successfully his studies in Art Education.  In 1997, the Italian Government granted him a four-year scholarship to the Accademia di Belle Arti ‘Pietro Vannucci’  in Perugia. His main areas of specialisation were abstract painting, sculpture and etching.

Throughout this period he participated in several exhibitions organised by the Accademia and collaborated with his mentors and fellow students in periodical collective events. His contributions included large-scale abstract paintings and site-specific installations.  Saliba read for his Masters degree in Fine Arts in July 2001  and presented his dissertation,  La Poetica del Sublime.

On his return from his studies abroad he settled in Gozo where he resumed his profession as an art educator along with his daily practice in his studio. He put up several solo exhibitions in local exhibition venues, among which the National Museum of Fine Arts, St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity and Auberge d’Italie in Valletta.  Saliba also displayed his works abroad in solo and collective exhibitions, namely in  London, Paris, Palermo and Brussels.

He won several prizes including awards in the painting categories of the 2007 Malta International Biennale (135 nations) and the 10th National Art Competition & Exhibition organised at Palazzo de La Salle in 2011. Christopher Saliba’s works are found in numerous private and public collections in Malta and across Europe, in Japan, Canada and the United States.

Joseph Casapinta

Joseph Casapinta

Casapinta’s watercolours have never failed to intrigue viewers over the years. His subjects have varied but the tireless search for the truth, the artist’s truth, has always been very prominent all throughout. But what is this truth, for Joseph Casapinta? “It’s stepping outside the studio and managing to capture fleeting moments as they pass by. It’s in trying, over and over until you get it right, to immortalise a cloud as it races over the plains. That is the truth, my truth as an artist. To paint what I see as it happens. Even if it’s gone one second later, it’s there on paper. Immortal, forever.” This effort to capture precise moments in time, render Joseph Caspinta’s paintings more realistic, despite the scenes being softened by the technique. Therein lies the talent of a great artist, to render not in appearance but in the viewer’s mind, a feeling that the scene depicted is real. Whether through the shadows created by the sun’s angle in the sky, or the tinge of the calm sea in a particular area, the viewer can imagine the scene clearly in his mind, as it truly is and as the artist saw it. The beauty of these watercolours however, also lies in the fact that it leaves small gaps for the viewers to fill in. In the absence of rough edges and stylised outlines, the viewer is prompted to draw them himself, pulling him in and involving him in the artistic process, an exercise I find to be extremely invigorating and powerful.

In Casapinta’s watercolours viewers are treated to a walk down nostalgia lane. The Maltese elements jump out as soon as you enter the room, enveloping you in a warm, southerly embrace. The palette, warm for the most part, evoke the colours of the Maltese “gebla franka”, the limestone, and the many subdued shades of blue depict the colour of our seas and sky for most of the year. The landscapes are also familiar, to the point of making you wonder aloud, “Ah yes, I know this place!” as you point to an archway framing one of the many churches on our island. The colourful luzzus, which some of us might fondly associate with a memory, also come into play, jogging our memories and enticing a small smile on our lips. It is because it is timeless that this collection can appeal to any generation, without restraint. Indeed, all our minds leap from one recognisable place to another as we slowly progress through the exhibition. It is a powerful thing, to be able to make people recall precise moments upon viewing your art but it is, I believe, Joseph Casapinta’s unique strength and what he has managed to do with works: to engage people into hearty recollections of a past, both recent and long-gone, letting their minds wander away from the room, while keeping them firmly rooted to the scene taking place on canvas in front of them. With a bit of imagination – or was that a shadow from the light? – you might just imagine the flock of birds take wing and fly off, while the sun sets on the little chapel in the field.



Fili Fini

Made in Sterling Silver, encrusted with natural stones and finished with different gold plating. Fili Fini guarantees spectacular handcrafter jewellery pieces which are set to impress.

Fili Fini offers a contemporary charm to traditional Craftsmanship of filigree, through the intertwining of fine silver threads. A craftsmanship with has been passed through generations.

Maltese Lanteen Boat Certificate
This boat is believe to date back to Phoenicia times. The sturdy and stable design was well adapted both for fishing and transport.

This model is handmade in Sterling Silver 925 filigree approximately 70 grams weight, 120mm long and 130mm high.

The boar is hallmarked with the STG assay mark, recognized as a mark of quality.

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